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We are a highly experienced strategic consulting team. Our personnel have worked in pharmaceuticals, medicine and healthcare communications. We have hands-on experience in all major medical and marketing disciplines and across all main therapy areas.


We never forget that all projects and programmes are part of a bigger picture and must work in a strategic context. We partner with our clients in designing strategic plans and therefore have an intimate appreciation of the importance of strategic fit.


AMICULUM Consulting takes projects and runs with them, proactively, quickly and efficiently (unlike some more process-driven or reactive agencies). Once your needs are identified and the deliverable is agreed we will proactively manage the whole process and ensure all outputs are delivered on time and on budget.


We keep abreast of the latest pharma trends and business innovations, sifting through to find the most valuable ideas and relevant best practice. By separating the signal from the noise we can save you time and keep you ahead of the competition.


Smart decision-making is at the heart of our philosophy and  our approach to client needs and projects. We use a clearly structured model to ensure consistency in control, resulting in enhanced decision making.


AMICULUM Consulting ensures our strategic thinking is focused on giving you and your brand meaningful results and real-world outcomes. This ensures that the delivery of quality outputs is not confounded, diluted or delayed by over-analysis or over-strategizing.

Meaningful outputs

The most effective strategy is one which drives change in the real world. Our philosophy ensures that all our projects and outputs are designed to effect change, have a tangible impact and reach the right targets. Our analyses and reports will not leave you with any outstanding questions but always provide comprehensive outcomes, a range of answers and practical options for next steps.

An experienced strategic partner
driving informed decision-making and delivering meaningful outputs in healthcare

AMICULUM Consulting is a strategic consulting practice operating in the healthcare and pharmaceuticals sector.

Our combination of experienced consultants, innovative approaches, global market insight and expertise make us the ideal partner if you are looking for:

  • Strategies that work
  • Help overcoming your challenges and realizing your goals
  • Practical outputs that effect change 
  • Innovative programmes that bring your colleagues and customers along with you


AMICULUM Consulting is part of AMICULUM, an independent, privately owned cluster of agencies which deliver value-added services and consultancy to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies. AMICULUM has healthcare consultants based in the US, UK, Middle East and Asia and has delivered consulting assignments in all of these key healthcare markets 

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