AMICULUM Consulting partners closely with clients in the pharmaceutical sector to deliver informed decisions which lead to meaningful outputs. This is achieved by helping our clients to successfully address their most pressing issues. Through our growing experience, project after project, we know that success is commonly attributed to a chain of well made decisions. Whether they be small or large, routine or ground-breaking, successful decisions can undoubtedly make a huge difference to your business.

This is where we can help by using our smart decision model. This model, and the underlying concepts, drive the way we think and the way we tackle your challenges to help achieve success for your brands and teams. Click here for your own pdf of our model.

Smart decision The objective Context Information Expertise Options Analysis
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Smart decision:
  • We believe that a structured and thorough approach is vital for smart decision making
  • Using our decision-making model and expertise we ensure that decisions are clearly defined, carefully considered, and supported with evidence
  • The model is flexible - the order and application of the different components will vary according to the nature and complexity of the problem at hand
The objective:
  • What do you hope to achieve by making the decision?
  • What would a successful outcome look like to you?
  • What overriding objective would encapsulate these elements?


  • Do you fully understand the broader context of the decision?
  • Have you defined an appropriate frame for the decision?
  • Have you identified any potential biases that may affect your decision making?
  • Have you been systematic in your search for information?
  • Have you the appropriate type, breadth and depth of information required to support the decision-making process?
  • Do you understand the limitations of the information being used and any assumptions being made?
  • Do you have the appropriate knowledge and capacity to process and interpret the information?
  • Can you capture and leverage contrasting and multi-perspective viewpoints to strengthen decision quality?
  • Have you identified a range of options that are viable and relevant to the decision?
  • Are the options clearly defined with a clear rationale?
  • Do the options reach the boundaries of the decision frame?
  • Are the options being restricted by any biases?
  • Have all the options been evaluated and prioritised using a consistent approach?
  • Has an appropriately thorough level of analysis been applied?