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Ten things I learned from “Decisive - how to make better choices in life and work” by Chip and Dan Heath
The back cover of this book (published in 2013) promises “a fascinating tour through the workings of our minds and an invaluable guide to making smarter decisions.” Cutting to the chase, this is exactly what it delivers. In equal parts, interesting, practical and inspiring, this book hits the mark. Having put it down, however, a question developed in my mind: well if it is that simple, why aren’t we all making better decisions already?
Creativity and structured decision making: Mutually exclusive?
In an industry built on innovation but overrun with process and regulation, today we ask can creativity and structured decision making co-exist in the modern world of pharma? Is there room for both? Is there a need for both? Will embracing one aspect negate your ability to harness the other?
A bad outcome means that somebody made a poor decision, right?
In today’s world of fast action and faster judgement, this is the conclusion commonly arrived at - things didn’t work out well, somebody must be at fault, and tough luck if it is you! Maybe that is the case, maybe somebody did make a mistake... but then again things are rarely that black and white (especially in the highly complex and multifunctional world of pharma today), and if you pause for thought you may see things in a slightly different light.
What can pharma learn from the renaissance in British cycling?
In the aftermath of the great 2012 Olympics in London and Chris Froome’s commanding Tour de France victory in 2013 I have been struck by a couple of reports and interviews around the success of British cycling that might have implications in our sector
Brainstorm, brainshower, or no-brainer?
It’s 11 o’clock on Tuesday morning and Max has just walked out of a 3-hour meeting with the head guys from ‘global’ about the strategy for their new anti-hypertensive medicine Cardiofix. Cardiofix was supposed to be a blockbuster, but the global market access strategy is not working. Uptake at specialist centres in Europe is variable and primary care doctors don’t seem to be prescribing Cardiofix.
Decision-making, President Barack Obama, and valuable lessons for pharma
We are all decision-makers and make countless decisions every day. Our decisions impact our lives and collectively our decisions over the centuries, especially from those who have held high office, have shaped human history. Decision-making is also the essence of business – particularly in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.